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My name is Gemma and I'm the dog trainer for Zuri Dog K9


I've been training and handling dogs for 14 years now. 


I help parents of Springer Spaniels go from stressed out to chilled using a proven training programme. 


I had a large Springer training and breeding facility and worked hard to become respected at what I did. 

I'm an explosives detection dog handler working in the private security industry. I was Bloomberg's first female and first non-military handler, and more recently worked for Google in London. 

Over the years I've owned, trained, bred, and handled hundreds of Springer spaniels. 

Throughout my time I've come across many stressed out Springer owners looking for help to bring some peace to their lives.

What I've learnt from Springer parents:

  • Springers are often referred to as crazy, hyper, highly-strung, head-strong, and hard-work,

  • That Springer spaniels pull hard on leash,

  • That no amount of trying to stop them pulling works,

  • That their dogs have selective hearing when it comes to recall and many are kept on flexi-leads/long-lines to stop them from running off,

  • That they love to chase birds, bunnies and deer and no amount of calling them works,

  • That Springers don't calm down in the evenings when all the parent wants is to relax,

  • That Springers are prone to separation anxiety,

  • That Springers can be a little bit independent and stubborn,

  • That Springer parents often feel stressed-out because their dog won't listen,

  • That the dog-parents can feel guilty, ashamed, and like a failure.

What I learnt along the way through my own experience and learning:

  • With the right help and your own commitment, you can change the way things are,

  • That Springers can learn to chill when given a job,

  • That giving a Springer a job can help with leash pulling, recall, separation anxiety, and reactivity,

  • That Springers are training addicts and can be taught at ANY age,

  • That even pet Springers can make phenomenal detection dogs, 

  • That Springer owners can learn to fall in love with their dog again and become a life-long fun and reliable partnership.

Meet my dogs - they help me to give you hope for a better future with your dog. 


Jackpot, and Rupert are my friendly and passionate detection dogs who often provide clues as to how to get the best from your Springer Spaniel. They happen to be very clever dogs who know just what to do to get my attention, and sometimes (because I'm human too), I fall for it! But it's the lessons I learn from them that help me to help you. On Sunday 8 May 2022, one of Rupert's daughters, Juno,  will be joining our family too! She'll be twelve weeks old when she joins us and one of our future detection dogs. First and foremost, all my dogs are much loved family members. 

Rupert and Sloth.jpg
Juno and Gemma Selfie.jpg

"I love dog training, because I know that with a little bit of time and effort, the whole dog / owner relationship can be turned on its head into something far more rewarding for both." Gemma

Sounds good, right?

If you like what you see and you want a better-behaved dog, then email us now: info@zuridogk9.co.uk