Make Scents of Your Springer



For stressed out Springer parents looking for calm

Springer spaniels can be a real challenge to train. and some parents are so stressed out that they believe their dog is untrainable, some don't even realise that help is available and this can lead to feelings of hopelessness. 

Our training programme can help you develop the deep and emotional connection you dreamt of having with your springer and take you from feeling stressed out to calm. 

We'll show you all you need to turn your unruly hound into a calmer, more focused and engaged dog using scent work. No more frustration or feeling frazzled only a better understanding and a more loving bond. 

What it looks like to learn with us

Assess and understand your Springer's behaviour and learn how your dog will find it useful when you harness the super sniffing power of their nose and how by following our scentwork programme you can help change your dog's behaviour which ultimately reduces the stress that you're feeling. 

Follow the coaching videos and live tutorials to complete regular assignments. Train your dog to professional detection dog handler standards to open up the communication between you and your Springer. You'll learn all the techniques that professional dog handlers and dog trainers use to get their dogs to listen.

Develop a deep connection with your Springer and learn how to unlock the secrets to your dog's behaviour and finally bring some calm to your dog-owning life.