Explosive detection dog handler teams

Zuri Dog K9 are suppliers of dog and handler teams for events and corporate offices across the UK. All teams are NASDU Level 4 accredited, highly experienced, and possess excellent customer service skills. 

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Detection dogs are an efficient, effective and adaptable bio-detector.

An explosives detection dog team provides a visual deterrent and so reduces the likelihood of a security threat. Our dog teams are trained to NASDU Level 4 standards but the training doesn't stop there. Our teams are encouraged to develop themselves professionally in areas relating to security, including being trained to to spot hostile reconnaissance, customer service delivery, leadership and canine training and behaviour. 

Trained dogs can be used to screen vehicles, cargo, luggage, mail, buildings, arenas, sporting grounds, crowds and more.

Our dog teams are fully licensed and undergo regular security background checks. Our handlers are highly skilled, often coming from military and police backgrounds. Those who come from the private sector are trained to the same high standards and are proficient in hostile reconnaissance and counter terrorism. Here at Zuri Dog K9 we take safety seriously and we value the lives of those around us. Without our clients, we have no business.

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To hurt or cause distress to a potentially life-saving dog is to discredit the amazing creatures that they are. Without our dogs, we have no business.

When it comes to dog welfare, we go the extra mile. A dog will not work effectively if it is stressed. This means plenty of downtime and freedom to be dogs in a natural environment - beaches, woodland and moorland walks are our favourites, no kennels unless absolutely necessary and even then the comfort and wellbeing of the dog is a priority, continual behavioural assessments from qualified canine behaviour experts, good diets according to the latest research into canine nutrition, and a bond between dog and handler which is built upon trust, dedication and patience through fun and force free training. We use the least invasive methods possible.


To hurt or cause distress to a potentially life-saving dog is to discredit the amazing creatures that they are. They give their all, so we must give our all to them. Without our dogs, we have no business.


We respect our handlers. We work together as a team and we approach each other with trust. We listen to our handlers opinions, and make adaptations where necessary. Ours is an open environment where knowledge learning and creativity is embraced.

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