A Day in the Life of a Dog Handler

As dog handlers, we are often met with people who express enthusiasm about our job. 'Wow! I'd love a job like that.' 'I'd love to work with dogs.' Really...

So we decided that our blog would be dedicated to some of the things that we go through on an almost daily basis when we deal with our working dogs, or the dogs we meet through our consultations.

0830: Handler stopped by member of the public. Dog becomes increasingly impatient. Dog pulls handler into the road and onto her bum spilling treats over the road. Dog races to recover treats oblivious to oncoming traffic. Handler is still planted in the road but gets up to pull dog to safety. Dog still tries to assist with the recovery of treats.

1000: Dog and handler confirmed as safe. Handler nursing bruised, swollen and grazed hands whilst trying to type.

Action Plan: Remind handler that working with dogs is a dream job for many.