Dog Breed Needs

What was your dog bred for?

Spaniels were bred to flush, hunt, and retrieve game. Bulldogs were bred for bull-baiting. 'What's bull-baiting?' I hear you ask. In brief, a bull was tied to a stake. The bulldog's job was to bite the most sensitive part of the bull - the nose, and through sheer force and determination, eventually bring the bull down. They were bred to be persistent and tough fighters. French bulldogs were bred from British bulldogs.

Often we see these original breed traits coming through our pet-dogs.

What do you do to ensure your dogs breed needs are met?

Dogs benefit from being given a breed-specific outlet. They are often calmer when given a job. Hunting dogs love scent-work. Bulldog breeds love tug games and some love bite-work. The list goes on.

At the very least we ought to allow our dogs to work for their food through training or hiding their food around the house and asking them to 'find it.'

Start slowly. Make it easy.

Gradually increase the difficulty.

Remember... gently, gently gets the Bentley.