Jackpot's Journey.

From puppy born on a quiet Cornish farm, to a dog who detects explosives in London and other major cities.

My name is Jackpot, and Gemma said that I should start writing my story because some people think I’m really pawsome and they’re interested to hear about my journey. I think that I’m just me, a happy and fun-loving dog. I don’t really like writing either because I don’t like sitting still for too long - there’s always a ball (or pigeon) to chase. I say to Gemma ‘well it’s sunrise somewhere’ when she’s telling me to chill out for a minute. She’s allowed to say ‘well it’s sundown somewhere’ so I think I should be able to play with my ball when I want to too.

I love Cornwall, and I’m a bit of a soft Cornish boy at heart. My mum is Zuri-dog and she’s a Cornish lady through and through. She’s really cool and even though I don’t get to see her that often, I’m always very happy when I do. I do this very quick wiggle while making lots of little squeaky, excitable noises. Gemma calls it my giggle-wiggle. Me and Mum have a bit of a bounce around together when we say hello and then we’re off to have a jaunt around the farm. We go to the beach together sometimes too. Mum grew up on the beach so it’s her favourite place to be - lots of seagulls to chase and stinky dead fish to roll in. When I was a really young pup, Gemma took me to the beach (she just said that I was only ten weeks old then) and when she threw the ball it went in the water. I ignored the waves to get my ball. They weren’t really big waves but big enough for me to show how brave I was apparently. I don’t really care too much about scary things but I do care about losing my ball because balls are quite expensive - ten pounds for two in some places!

My Dad is Domino, and he’s a real handsome beast of a dog. I can totally see why all the ladies fell for him. Dad is from Wales and his dad, my Grandad, is from Scottish royalty. I always knew I was a King at heart. Actually maybe a bit more like a fun-loving Prince. My hair is a little bit red after all. I’m a good boy really but being a King would be a lot of responsibility I think. Anyway, Dad is like the king of pride rock so we should leave that role for him.

Gemma’s my teammate and I do listen to her a lot, especially if she’s got my ball, and she’s told me to tell you that next week I’m going to tell you a little bit about what it is I use my nose to search for - I call it stuff that we don’t want to go boom.

I think that’s all I can write for now because it really is sunrise here and I have to go chase my ball, and make sure Gemma doesn’t lose it. She’d cost us a small fortune if it wasn’t for me! I’ve got that song in my head right now ‘I’m spinning around, move out of my way,’ I’ve got a ball and I wanna play. You should see how much I spin when it’s time for fetch. I bet, paws-down that I could totally out-spin Kylie.

Oh, and because it’s Valentine’s Day today, I’m sending you all lots of woof and affection.

This is me (the one about to get bulldozed by my sister Eva) with my brothers, sisters and Gemma on the farm.