Jackpot's Journey. Part Two

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. What’s been your favourite bit so far?

I think that sitting down to write might be a good thing because puppy dog Beth went to live with her forever family yesterday and the house is a little bit quieter without her here. I’ve never really played or cuddled up to other dogs but Beth has a great sense of humour. When you’ve got a puppy pouncing on you it’s hard not to be a bit more light-hearted and have a bit of a rough and tumble. As much as puppies take a lot of work and effort, Gemma says that we are all special and as time goes on we become even more special. She says that we can help save lives, give amazing cuddles, and bring lots and lots of joy. I’m sure Beth’s just hiding here somewhere though. I keep taking my toy and looking for her to try and tempt her out to play. I can’t smell Beth anywhere near right now but I can smell stuff that can be quite dangerous. Me and Gemma have been having a play around with it this morning. She hides it and I go and find it. If I show her where it is by pointing with my nose, I get to play with one of my favourite toys. My ball!! I don’t know what it is about my ball but it makes my eyes go really big and I especially love it when I get to chase it while it bounces in front of me. When I went to college to learn to become a doggy detective, I learnt how to go sniffing to find 7 different types of explosives. Did you know that by learning those 7 smells, us detective dogs can sniff out all of the explosives out there including new ones that are made? That’s because they smell a little bit similar to us. When I went to college they tried to trick me by putting out an explosive I’d never studied before, but I found it. It’s just so obvious that it’s not supposed to be there! Our noses are so sensitive that we can smell 1 teaspoon of sugar in an Olympic-sized swimming pool. We all work very hard to help keep you safe, and it’s so rewarding and fun to be at work that it’s not really like work at all. We get to look around vehicles, buildings, outside areas, really big boxes that come in on boats and planes, and lots more too. Some places that we work are really, really fun with children who come and say hello and give us pizza. My favourite is cheese and tomato pizza. I love cheese but I love tomatoes too. One hotel I worked at made me a steak dinner and even asked how I’d like it cooked. I felt a bit bad because none of the other staff got steak but it was a bit difficult to say no, especially when the chef waved the plate in front of me. There are some really good people out there who look after me when I’m working. If you ever see me you are more than welcome to say hello, but please could you just check with Gemma first? If I’m working I don’t mean to be rude at all but all I can think about is getting my ball. I’m sure I’ve said it before but they are a bit too expensive to lose.

I’m off for a stroll around town now because I like to have a bit of fun when I’m not working. All work and no play makes Jackpot a dull boy. Ha! Not really! I’m always, always happy. Even at 4 am when I wake Gemma up to play. You should see how much she jumps when I drop the ball on her face while she’s sleeping. Too funny!! Makes me giggle just thinking about it. Until next week, stay safe and stay pawsome!

A liver and white springer spaniel who is trained to detect explosives
Explosve Detection Dog Jackpot