Long-line as a tool to aid recall training

We took ourselves back to when we were dog owners who were struggling with our dogs and we remembered coming across many different training aids in the pet-stores and we bought them without understanding how to properly use them because let's face it, most of these products are sold without instruction.

We've seen people buy and not use this equipment to its full potential. People spend all this money hoping that it will work but then it ends up becoming cupboard clutter and the dog is still not trained.

If you have bought a long-line for recall training then you might find this useful...

Arm yourself with your dog's favourite toys and treats. Find a relatively safe area where you can give your dog some freedom while they are attached to the line but with it trailing behind them on the ground and not in your hands. You can then practice recalling your dog and rewarding them for coming back. The idea is that the long line is a safety measure and that you can stand on it if your dog decides to run off. This means that you'll need to stay fairly close to the end of the long-line so don't stand back and let your dog get too far away from you.

We would totally recommend that you practice recall in the safety of your own home and garden before you start training outdoors where there are lots of distractions. Get your dog really keen to work with you indoors before you take the training outdoors.