Part 10 of Jackpot's Journey

Hello again. I hope your week has been as pawsome as mine!

Last week I was talking about the first day that I went to big dog college to

learn about searching for explosives. It was a really fun day. It feels so good

when you get to take the action steps you need to make your dreams come


Gemma loaded me into the car on the second day, and I was sensible

enough to stay nice and relaxed on the way there. Finding my ball is

important to me, and Gemma told me that we had a busy day ahead so I decided

to conserve my energy until then.

Before we start searching, we go for a run around somewhere. Some dogs

like to embarrass their handlers by going to the toilet indoors. Cheeky aren’t

they? I wouldn’t like to embarrass myself by doing that, but there are some

dogs who definitely find it funny!

On this day, we were inside a big industrial unit with shiny floors, noisy roller

shutter doors, and stairs with holes in them. I was quite used to all the farm noises

but this was quite different so it took me a little while to get used to it. Gemma

showed me how to have some fun, and she showed me how to not be afraid

of these things. As soon as she told me my ball was somewhere upstairs, I

decided that I’d have to ignore the stairs with holes, and just go for it. When

you think about it, it’s quite clever to be able to overcome fears and


I think Gemma must have been tired or something because she was going

slowly up the stairs, so I decided to help her out by pulling her up behind me.

I was really keen to make sure that no one else got to the ball before me. Not

that it’s a competition or anything of course. I did find the ball, and what was even more exciting is that there were two balls hidden.

As soon as I found the first ball, I was asked if I’d like to find the other one too. I had to run all the way to the end of the warehouse by myself. I had to pull up my big brave pants for that one, but I did it!

A bit later in the day, the instructor decided it was time for me to start to

learn the first type of explosive. I had great fun with that game. Every time I

put my nose on the pot, my ball appeared. I could have played that game for

hours but we had to go home because it was getting late. Boring!!

But I did enjoy my run around the farm when I got home and had a nice

swim in the paddling pool to cool off. I love swimming and splashing around

in the water. Gemma says that the paddling pool is a much better option

than a dirty and smelly muddy puddle.

I don’t know what she means...