Part 11 of Jackpot's Journey

Yay! I got to eat fox poo today. I ran off across the field and was happily

following scent trails when Gemma called me back. I made her a deal. I

would come back as long as I could eat the fox poo. So I did. I was good

though and didn’t roll in it. I know, I know, ‘clever Jackpot’ is what you’re

thinking right?

Last week I was talking to you about the potting game - the one where I put

my nose on the pot, and my ball appears. Well, we played that a lot more

when I was at big dog college, and that’s how I learnt what each of the

smells meant. All the explosives I smell mean that my tennis ball is on its way

right into my mouth.

Each time I’ve shown them where the stuff is, I get to have a good chase

around and play with my ball. This bit is often called a ‘play stage.’ Did you

know that playing helps dogs remember what they’ve learnt because it

increases the dopamine levels in our brains, and that helps us remember


It takes a little while to learn other things like how to search for the

explosives because the teachers change the hiding places all the time. One

time it might be really low, and another, they might try and trick you by

putting it up near the ceiling. They did that once to me, and while Gemma

was checking through the window in the door to make sure it was safe, I

pushed the door open myself and showed them exactly where it was.

Humans can be so slow sometimes. Just do it!

That was a fun day because I got to search somewhere really secret but

really cool.

What’s your favourite thing to search for? I think humans are trained to

search for keys. They’re always running around looking for them.