Part 14 of Jackpot's Journey

Could your dog be a detection dog too?

I became an explosives detection dog through hard work, dedication, and commitment.

I’ve heard lots of people say that their dogs could never do search work, that we must be really clever, and I’d like to clear this up. Those dogs have a nose, they have a brain, and they like rewards.

So they could do it if they were trained. They just might do it differently, and maybe with slightly less enthusiasm to a spaniel like me who was born to hunt.

Take a Pyrenean Mountain Dog for example, they can be trained to find things, but because they were bred to live and work in the mountains, they might get too hot in those heavy, fluffy coats they wear to do the work we do all day.

But the thing is, they still want to do something.

Us dogs love to have jobs, we want to put our minds to something, having a job is what makes us dogs. You humans bred us, and you designed us to help you out, you bred some of us to have lots, and lots of energy, and now you want us to sit on a couch, eat, and watch Pawflix all day. Which we really, really love by the way, but just not all the time.

So you know when you roll your eyes at us because we’re digging for gold all the way from your garden in the U.K. to that garden in Australia?

Or when we make you jump (which by the way, is really funny) with our loud barks each time someone walks past the house.

Or when you have to swim into stormy seas in Penzance to bring us back from France because we stopped listening to the white noise that came from your mouth months ago?

Maybe, just maybe if you gave us a job, you wouldn’t have to roll your eyes at us so much.