Part 3 of Jackpot's Journey

I’ve just got back from a walk. Well, it was more of a run really. Gemma kept throwing the ball in the direction of the seagulls so I had to run in and get it before those birds made off with it. There’s me working hard to keep hold of everything we earn and there she is frittering it away. Anyway, as soon as I picked up my ball I ran into the flock of gulls just to let them know that the ball is MINE. They flew off each time but they must be quite brave because they kept coming back to the same spot. Some people call them pesky little things but I think they’re fun.

Gemma played a song yesterday. I’m not sure if you know it, but it’s called ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ by Emeli Sande. When I was a young pup, way before I became an explosives detection dog, Gemma used to take me out for day trips and she played that song in her car, over and over. I don’t know why she’s surprised every time I stop what I’m doing when that song comes on... I’ve heard it enough times! I do like to listen to it though and reminisce about my puppyhood days.

I was ready for all of my adventures but I hadn’t had all of my vaccinations so I had to be carried and it was great! Gemma used to put a piece of fluffy bedding in the bottom of a bag and I’d sit in it with my head poking out. All these people used to come over to say hello and give me a stroke. Get carried, look cute, and get lots of fuss. Those were the days. Actually, it’s still like that. I still get loads of attention and I love attention. Pay me attention! Please.

Gemma used to take me everywhere in that bag, and after a busy day at The Royal Cornwall Show, I was doing the old nodding dog thing - you know the thing where your head gets really heavy and you just can’t keep your eyes open - well the next thing I know, I’m on the floor with a bump. It didn’t hurt too much but I got scooped up and cuddled lots afterward.

I really did enjoy bag life. I’ve tried to get in once or twice since but I think Gemma must have shrunk it in the wash.

We had a photographer visit the farm and take pictures of me, my brothers, sisters, mum, dad, my aunties, their kids, and their partners. All of us. The lady taking photographs laughed when Gemma said she’d like one of me in the bag. She also said that I’d never stay in there. Well, I did.

Gemma’s just given me a chew but I don’t have any thumbs so she has to hold them for me. Teamwork makes the dream work!

As an explosives detection dog, it’s really important to me to have the right teammate. Someone who’s got your back when you’re sent in to check something dangerous

... and someone who can tickle your tummy when you give them the look.