Part 4 of Jackpot's Journey

Hello again, Jackpot here.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week. I’ve enjoyed some training sessions in the sunshine in the garden. Gemma says that training in the garden is better than me digging. I like digging. I think we’re going to get a sandpit this year so that I can dig in there instead.

When I was a little puppy I dreamt of becoming a field trialing gundog. I used to dive into brambles and hedgerows and spent ages using my nose to find my ball. As I grew older, I decided that it would probably be better to use my skills to help people. I mean, I love people a lot so it’s just my way of saying thank you for being so kind to me and my way of putting something back into the world.

Gemma taught me how to bring a ball back and put it in her hand. She says that I was such a good boy and learnt how to do that very quickly. The thing is, if I’m honest, I really love attention so when she asks me to do something, I do it because I get lots of attention and that makes me really happy inside. We had lots of play training sessions on the farm and we used to go into Wadebridge, and Padstow a lot and have a game of fetch. I used to try and play fetch with Gemma when she was drinking coffee. Sometimes the only way to get her to notice was by dropping the ball into the cup. She never got angry, and would always laugh. Gemma says that my cheekiness makes her laugh a lot.

Did you know that I use my nose to try and find explosives so that I can get to play with my ball? I’ve learnt that if I stand really still and point my nose without touching the explosive stuff, then that’s exactly when the ball appears. When I find it, Gemma throws the ball so we have a good, long play afterwards.

It’s a bit like winning the lottery. Or hitting the Jackpot.

It’s a bit like winning the lottery. Or hitting the Jackpot.