Part 5 of Jackpot's Journey

Hello you pawesome bunch of two-legged lovely creatures. Have you had a good week?

I’ve enjoyed a chilled weekend chewing on cow’s hooves with Gemma. Ha! Gemma doesn’t chew on the cow’s hooves but I do. She says that they are a bit smelly but nom, nom, I don’t mind the smell at all. If I can’t chase or find my ball then I like to chew. I get bored doing nothing. Gemma says ‘Jackpot, you are relentless’ and then laughs.

I managed to lose my ball under the kitchen cupboard which is really silly of me I know, and it was probably a bit silly of me to have chewed the wood which stops the balls going under the worktop but hey, wood is for chewing right? Gemma was doing her morning meditation stuff. She likes it calm and peaceful while she does that, so I left her to it but really struggled to reach my ball. I was there for about half an hour trying my hardest to get it myself without disturbing Gemma. I must have made a bit of noise though because she said that she couldn’t reach it for me. I don’t give in easily so I carried on for another ten minutes but it was no good, I had to ask Gemma to help me so I asked if she could get the wooden spoon and fetch it for me. She did it! I’m glad she’s not afraid of spiders because I saw a really big one under there.

Part of my job as an explosives detection dog is to take part in regular search training. It helps keep me in physical shape because using my nose the way I do takes a lot of energy. I think it’s important to try and develop myself professionally too. Human safety is important to me, and training helps me learn more about the job I do. Sometimes we learn new ways of doing things.

Our trainer hid some explosives this week and I got to run around trying to seek them out with my nose.

Staying focused even when there are lots of things going on around you takes lots of practice, and I have to listen out for Gemma in case she asks me to come back.

There was a lot to search that day. Gemma says that I make her laugh because when there’s nothing in an area I don’t want to search properly and she has to work really hard to get me going but if I catch the smell of explosives on the wind, then I’m gone in a heartbeat and can show her exactly where it is.

I smelt this one from about 50 metres away.

Throw my ball please, I just hit the Jackpot!