Part 6 of Jackpot's Journey

It’s Sunday and it’s storytime.

Today is my brother Rupert’s fifth birthday so I should probably make this story-time about him.

We’ve both had new toys, chews and fun walks today and Gemma is cooking a luscious lamb dinner for us tonight. It probably won’t have vegetables in it because Rupert doesn’t really like veg. I love vegetables though!

Rupert is THE Hotel Inspector. He can find bedbugs that humans can’t find.

He’s really quite clever (but don’t tell him I said that) because he can find just one bedbug in a hotel, a warehouse, a care home, on public transport, and more.

He’s found lots more bedbugs during searches before though. Eugh! Just the thought of them makes me itch!

You should see the size of them too. They’re really big. Actually,

that’s a bit like the person who tells you that the fish they caught was really big but it wasn’t big at all. Come on Jackpot, you can give them a better description than that...

They are bigger than fleas. Ummm... but they are slightly smaller than a tick that’s just eaten.

Now I’m really scratching. I hate fleas and ticks!

Sometimes I wind Rupert up by telling him that he’s not as brave as me because I’m a big brave bomb-dog, but then he winds me up and says that I must be stupid to go looking for dangerous things, and then we get a little bit silly.

Gemma has to calm us down and tells us that we both have a very important role to play in life and we are both better at slightly different things so it’s important not to forget that.

I think it’s time for us to play some games now so I better go.

P.S. Our doggy dinner was delicious!