Part 7 of Jackpot's Journey

Hello again. Happy Summertime too! When I woke up I was a little bit confused because it was dark, windy and I was sleepy. Not much like Summer at all. I only stayed sleepy for about five minutes and then it was time to get up and go, go, go!

Somebody was talking to me the other day and said ‘You must be really clever to be able to find explosives.’

I guess I am clever but did you know that ALL dogs are geniuses?

Think about how clever we must be to have turned from wild wolf to something that shares your bed... and your biscuits.

The thing is that we love to work with you and help you out

, and we don’t ask for much to be able to do it either.

I’m happy to find explosives just for my ball.

Some dogs like to work for chicken and some like to work for carrots.

Some dogs will sit nicely for a raspberry and some dogs will stay on their bed for a chunk of cheese.

I told you we were clever!

What’s your dog’s favourite food or favourite toy?

Do you know that you can have some fun at home using your dog’s nose? You might have to start slowly but the more you practice, the better we get. Sometimes you throw the toy or the food where we can see it and then say ‘find it!’

When we understand that, you can start making it a tiny bit more difficult until one day we will search the entire house and be super tired afterwards. Pawfect!

The ‘find it’ game is how I started to learn the ropes about becoming a detection dog.