Part 8 of Jackpot's Journey

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Oh my goodness, we are so lucky to have this weather over the bank holiday weekend.

Gemma spent ages blowing up a really big paddling pool for us during the week. It’s a big pool, deep enough for dogs to swim in. I don’t know what happened but it didn’t look like it would be that deep the next day. It looked all shriveled up. Maybe it dried up in the sun like a raisin or something. Sun-dried paddling pool.

Gemma saved the day though when she put the hose connector on the tap because the tap blew off and flooded the kitchen instead. I think she must have wanted to make us an indoor swimming pool that wouldn’t shrivel in the sun.

She can do some really funny things sometimes but we both have a sense of humour so we make a good team.

The thing with Gemma is that she’s always been there. I don’t really like the world without her. If she goes out and leaves me with my woofma, I don’t eat and I won’t drink any water. Not even my favourite cup of tea can tempt me when I feel a bit sick. I just curl up in a ball and wait for her to come home.

When she’s home I let her know how happy I am to see her by spinning and making little whimpering noises. I get lots of cuddles and told how much I’m loved so I do it some more because it’s a great way to get attention.

It’s really great that I get to live, work and play with my best friend.

One moment we can be out making sure there’s nothing dangerous hidden on a car or in things that get delivered to people who make big decisions (sometimes we leave official pawprint stamps on their things so they know that we’ve definitely checked it), the next we’ll be doing some parkour tricks in town and then, after a busy and fun-filled day I’m dreaming away on the bed.

My favourite place to sleep is with my head on Gemma’s chest. That’s where I feel safest. If it’s too warm though I just touch her with my paw instead.

Apparently I have a busy week ahead with new projects in the pipeline but we’re going to enjoy the rest of the long weekend until then.

I hope the rest of your weekend is pawfect.