Part 9 of Jackpot's Journey

It’s another beautiful day here in the UK and spring is most definitely in the


It was one springtime that I was born. Full of dreams of chasing birds and

bunnies but that soon changed when I decided that I wanted to put my nose

to a different kind of use.

I had been suggesting to Gemma for a while that I might be able to do

something different with my skills but she took a while to understand what I

was saying. The things dogs and humans say to each other can be a little bit

difficult to interpret, can’t they?

We all speak the common language of love quite well but words and actions

can sometimes mean something different from what we think they mean.

The real problem is that Gemma didn’t know that anyone can be trained to

be a dog handler. She thought that only ex-military and ex-police people

could do it. She’s a little bit sad that she didn’t do it earlier in life but I like to

remind her that if she had have done that, I wouldn’t be here and we

wouldn’t be doing these amazingly fun things together!

So with a bit more of a nudge, I got her to make a phone call, and guess

what? Gemma had exactly the right amount of money to do the courses she

needed to do.

So, she had the dog, she had the money, and she had lots of excitement too.

On our first day of the course, I ran around some vehicles hunting for the

smell that meant my ball was coming. I went into a clothing factory and did

some searches in there too.

We had lots of breaks and I got to swim in the river which was in the woods.

When I got home, I jumped into my bed and slept very soundly. That’s the

thing with using your nose to find things - it’s so tiring! I think I had the best

sleep of my life that night!

I always sleep well at night now too.

We’ve been busy all day so I’m going to have a bit of an afternoon snooze I

think. I love snoozing and I love my ball...