Sit up and listen Springer Spaniels!

When you first moved into the home with your family, did you dream that things would be different - that you and your family would have the strongest of bonds and that the communication between you would be much easier than it is?

I dreamt that we’d walk along side by side staring into each other’s eyes and that I’d be given the freedom to do the things I needed to do. It didn’t quite happen the way I imagined it at first but we got there in the end. Gemma now listens and understands what I’m teaching her. Finally!

Human and dog relationships aren’t always easy are they?

Puppy years are supposed to be the sweetest times full of innocence and lots of play but they lock us in cages. What’s that all about?

Is your human a little bit fussy about you peeing on the carpet?

Do you find you have to drag your human along to try and get them to hurry up at the end of the leash? Giants don’t walk very fast do they? Walks can be such hard work!!

Are you an adrenaline junkie who gets a buzz from chasing birds and bunnies? Do you wish your human would just understand?

How do you feel about being left alone? My mum used to chew through shoes and one of my friends chewed the balustrades on the stairs once - being left alone can really suck.

Does your human sometimes not know what to do with you? Maybe they sit you in front of the tv and think it will entertain you? I know that you know that the nose knows… we need to teach them this stuff.

If you’re a Springer Spaniel who’s feeling frustrated about how to train your human, or you’d like to get involved with learning how to play proper doggy games like nose work then why not have a yap with Gemma?

We can help your human speak doggy language in no time at all.

Me and my brother Rupert share lots of useful tips and advice about how you and your human can thrive together in this odd world so feel free to follow us here.

Have a lovely day,