Struggling Springer Spaniel Owners

We’re truly sorry that you’re struggling with your dog. As you’ve come to learn, it can cause all sorts of emotions. Many feel frustrated at the lack of understanding between them and their dog, and the well-intentioned advice you receive from others leaves you feeling worthless, like you’ve failed at getting things right with yours. You think that it’s your fault this has happened, after all, so many people have said that there’s no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner. You feel ashamed when your dog doesn’t behave like the others down the road and you might even try to become more controlling in a desperate attempt to get them to behave. You’ve considered rehoming or sending your dog to rescue but they’ve told you they are full and can’t take any more animals. You have no choice but to live with this day in and day out. Everyday seems like a battle. You’re so exhausted that sometimes getting out of bed seems like a mammoth task.

How do you move on from this and create understanding between you and your dog? No-one around you seems to understand the importance of why it means so much to get things right, they seem to dismiss what it is you’re saying or asking of them. All you really want is the lines of communication to open between you and your dog and for those around you to help support you.

You had an idea, a dream about how dog ownership should look but this is hard. Really hard. It’s nothing as you thought it would be. You feel angry, disappointed and trapped.

About your dog

Your dog is lovely and follows you around the house like a little lamb. Sometimes curling up on your feet while you do the cooking, or siting staring into your eyes when you look down at them. They seem so intelligent and interested in you. They are cute and beautiful on the eye.

When you go to the bathroom or leave them while you do simple daily tasks around the home, they sometimes cry. It’s a distressing cry at times, and at other times it feels as though the cry is demanding. Your dog constantly seems to be destroying things around the home, your beautiful shoes and sunglasses, and picture frames that hold cherished moments of those who you love and things/places you love.

Your dog has caused your neighbours to complain when you leave them because they are making so much noise and won’t stop howling or barking. Each time you leave you come back to destruction and excessively hyper behaviour.

The dog is still not housetrained. You’re constantly cleaning up and the house is starting to smell. Toileting in the home seems worse anytime you’ve left them.

Long walks never seem to tire your dog. Even the extra long walks you take, sometimes hours at a time never seem to make a difference. They are still hyper, still peeing and pooping in the house.

Walks themselves are hard work. Your dog drags you here, there and everywhere and you can hear them choking under the strain of their collar but they still don’t learn. They still don’t learn when you check them on the leash. Letting them off leash is another nightmare as they run off, run up to every single dog, jump up and leave dirt over everyone else’s clothes (except yours because they never seem to come near you when they are outdoors), trying to get them back on leash is a joke because you can’t get them near you. You have to use clever tactics, tricking them into a corner so you can grab them, and then the nightmare still isn’t over as they drag you all the way home, this time, after exercise, the noise of their straining to breathe as they pull on leash is even worse.

Each day you go to bed thinking that things will be different in the morning but it never is. And it’s especially tough when your dog keeps you awake through the night.

You’re on edge, you have feelings of anxiety, shame, and exhaustion. You don’t know that there is help out there.

About you

You’re a good person who wants the love of a dog more than anything. You want to have the dog walking to heel and hanging off your every word when you are outdoors. You want walks to be a thing of shared pleasure. To sit down outside and have your hand stroking the back of your dog’s neck as they sit down beside you. You want to just be at one with your dog.

Your future

The thing is, there is hope.

You and your dog can work through this and you can have a greater understanding between you. You can learn how to overcome the issues, and actually find the sanctuary that you dreamed of sharing with your dog.

We’re here to help you

At Zuri Dog K9 we help many people like you to work through and overcome the struggles with their dog. Some have even gone on to achieve things they never thought possible, including becoming explosives detection dog handlers with their very own dogs. Even if that’s not your thing, training your dog to simply become a much cherished and valued family member is possible.

We can help you work towards the goals you want to achieve and to create a a loyal partnership like no other between you and your dog.

All you need is to be ready to take the journey and ask us to help.

We’re right here.