When dog training becomes an investment in ourselves

Not only is dog training an investment in the relationship we have with our dogs, but it’s an investment in our own growth and development. Showing up and making a small promise to ourselves to commit to training everyday so that we can build up our own resilience and turn our dog training into a healthy habit. Practising and repeating new processes is what makes unlearning old habits possible. We have the power to change how we think and how we act so we can change how we feel about ourselves, our lives, and so too can our dogs.

The process of being able to change our own trajectory is neuroplasticity at work. Neuroplasticity is a life-long and scientifically proven ability that our brain has to create new neural pathways (reorganise itself) so that it can learn new ways of doing things. With enough daily practice and repetition we can retrain our own brains and our dog’s brains.

What’s even more encouraging is that in learning new things, we ensure the brain stays healthier for longer, doing our best to ward off dementia, Alzheimer’s and other cognitive decline diseases. The more we learn even into older age, the healthier and happier we keep our brains and this has a positive knock on effect within our bodies too.

Our personalised training programmes and daily training activities here at Zuri Dog K9 are designed to recognise our cognitive distortions, reframe any negative thoughts we might have about ourselves so that we can take steps to build new behaviours and habits that we can feel proud of. We can learn to feel acceptance and compassion towards our dog’s own behaviours, no matter how strange or extreme they might seem.

If you’re ready to steer towards a happier and healthier relationship between you and your dog, let’s talk.