Welcoming a Springer Spaniel into your life can be a joyous time, and usually a dog owner has an intrinsic desire to have something rather more special than simply existing alongside a dog. Often, before the dog is even a reality in the home, there is a dream, one of deep emotional connection between the dog and the human. Sadly, this dream is far removed from the reality, and dog and owner seem to grow more distant by the day. Frustrations mount, tempers can flare, and the whole thing can seem more like an unpleasurable chore than a thing of pleasure. 

Our resources are designed to give you some helpful advice as to how you can regain the dream that you feel is lost. We share common mistakes that springer spaniel owners make, our YouTube video playlist which will help you understand your dog better and we have plenty more content lined up for you. 

Downloadable Resources

14 Common mistakes that springer spaniel owners make and how to overcome them

16 Training mistakes and their turnaround tips

Our recommended YouTube playlist for Springer Spaniel owners

Bindi's Bucket List is a fabulous resource for canine enrichment which can help improve long term health and behavioural issues